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Why should we use AZnet Solutions over another agency?

AZnet solutions provide all kind of web solutions under one roof. We are a team of experienced dedicated and skilled professionals who are experts in their relevant fields. We offer you highly individualized solutions that are budget-friendly and result oriented.

How does Social Media Management work?

Our social media management services save your time to write content creates graphics, sync strategy with your products and services as all these tasks are done by us. We develop appropriate social media strategies to increase user engagement and conversions through social media platforms.

As a Social Media Manager, will you post for me?

Yes, as your social media manager, we will post on your social media profiles under your handles. No one can know that we are posting on your behalf.

What platforms do you manage?

We generally manage all your social media profiles for you including Twitter, Facebook fan page, Facebook group, and Instagram. In selective cases, we also manage the LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is exclusively a professional platform used in different capacity so we manage it in some cases.

Do you respond to comments?

Yes, we respond to all queries and comments as these are part of customer service via social. We put likes on comments and thanks to the person who shared the particular comment.

How often will you post on social media?

Posting on social media specifically depends on our social media management strategy that is planned according to your business requirements and package selected by you. So the level of posting is different for each client.

Can you help me determine which a social media marketing campaign can help me to reach my online marketing goals?

Our social media experts provide you complete assistance to determine the best suitable result driven social media strategies according to your unique business requirements

Do I need to provide my login information?

Yes, for LinkedIn and Twitter our team will require your login details but for Facebook, you may keep it personal as per your wish. For Facebook, you can make us admin for your page so that we could post on your behalf.

How long does social media management setup take and what does it involve?

It generally takes 5 business days from when we receive all the required information from you. The setup process starts with an in-depth analysis of your business requirements, creating content and pool of resources so that customized strategies can be planned and implemented to reach the target audience and increase conversions.

Do you provide POS system for restaurants?

Yes, we provide complete POS system solutions to restaurants and retail outlets.

Do you develop POS system?

Yes, we develop customized POS system according to your unique business requirements to increase your business profit and growth.

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